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Gifting is easy here at La Parure! Jewellery pieces come in gift box for your gifting pleasure. 

And add a note of up to 50 words to your gift at no extra charge.

Most importantly, we are having 15% off on all selected necklaces and bracelets

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Let's create an unforgettable moment for the both of you by Gifting.

I Found Pearl Gold Bracelet

RM37.90 MYR

Flower Wreath Gold Bracelet

RM37.90 MYR

Tiny Dinosaur Necklace/Bracelet

RM85.90 MYR

Box Out Gold Bracelet

RM37.90 MYR

Pine Nut Gold Necklace

RM33.90 MYR

White Moon Stone Necklace

RM39.90 MYR

Morganite Stone Necklace

RM37.90 MYR

Blue Sapphire Galaxy Necklace

RM39.90 MYR

Ivory Pink Stone Necklace

RM39.90 MYR

Majestic Horn Necklace

RM37.90 MYR

Silver Flower Circlet Necklace

Sold Out