3 Simple Steps to Measure Your Wrist for Bangle Size

In many situation on our daily life's we will need to do measuring, especially when you are purchasing wearable items. Here is a simple tips for how to measure your Bangle size, since those are rigid parts is best to purchase a fitting size. 

3 Simple Steps to Measure Your Wrist for Bangle Size

Step #1

You will need to prepare below item for a start: 

- A paper strip or string long around 30cm

- A pencil

- A 30cm long ruler

- A helping hand


Step #2

- Squeeze your fingers to the middle and stick the tip of your thumb to your pinky finger as below.

- Wrap the paper strip/ string around the widest part of your squeezed hand until it overlay, do a marking with a pencil.

- This will be easier to have a helping hand to assist in the process.  

Step #3

 - Unwrap the paper strip/ string, then measure the marking end to end with a ruler, to get the circumference of the widest part of your wrist. 


- After getting the circumference of your widest wrist, please refer below table prepared to get the inner bangle diameter length suitable for your hand. 


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