9 Things to Avoid While Wearing Jewellery

Fashion jewellery is wonderful, especially when you’re looking for a great piece at a decent price. But unlike fine jewellery, fashion jewellery can easily ruin, which is why there are certain things you need to avoid when you’re wearing your it, and even after you’ve taken it off for the day. We have here listed nine things that you best be avoiding when you’re having fun with your jewellery. 

Use Perfume: Perfume will caused build up on your jewellery, so it's best to use it before putting your rings, bracelets, necklace, or earrings on. 


Applying Hairspray: Like perfume, hairspray causes build up as well, so use them before put on your jewellery.


Sweat: Exercise and sports that cause sweat is a no-no, since sweat will cause discolouring to your jewellery.


Sun Tan: Direct sunlight and heat can fade the colour of your jewellery, so it's best to skip the sun bathing while with them on.


Shower or Bathing: Water will cause stain and spots that are hard to remove without ruining your jewellry.


Swim: Water + Chlorine is the lethal combo for jewellry, so definitely avoid the pool, but skip swimming in freshwater too, since any exposure to water will tarnish your jewellery. 


Hand Cream: Hand cream / body lotion / lotion that cause moisture on your skin, and since moisture is one of the causes for stain on jewellery, you might wanna skip it for today.


Do the Dishes: The best reason for not doing dishes, as again moisture will cause dark spots and stains, so remove yourself of jewellry before doing dishes. 


Use of household cleaners: Chemicals that are in household cleaners can destroy even the best jewellery, and leaves white residue behind. 

So now you have it, all the list of items to best avoid while wearing your jewellery. Feel free to bookmark us or share this information with your bff, friends, and loving families. 

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