Birthstone Meaning by Month

Birthstone Meaning by Month

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Birthstones are gems associated with the month that a person was born, each having a unique meaning and historical significance. Birthstones carry secrets, attributes and lore that are unique to each gemstone. 

Gifts of gemstone jewelry with a loved one’s birthstone are very popular because of the desire to wear beautiful color as well as something which has personal significance.

Whether you’re looking for a gemstone ring adorned with the birthstone for a child, or a beautiful set of birthstone earrings, we’re here to help!


Birthstone by Month

Birthstone for month of January - Garnet

Meaning - Protection

Color - Dark Red

Garnets popularly signify trust and friendship. Traditionally, this gem was believed to protect people during their travels. Due to its hardness, a garnet makes an excellent stone for jewelry intended for daily wear.


Birthstone for month of February - Amethyst

Meaning - Wisdom

Color - Violet

Amethyst signifies peace, temperance, serenity and royalty. Wearing this birthstone during the month of February may strengthen relationships and provide courage when it is needed.


Birthstone for month of March - Aquamarine

Meaning - Serenity

Color - Aqua

Like the ocean itself, aquamarine is all about tranquility and calm and is said to cool a busy mind and invite stillness and equilibrium to the body and soul. Today, this stone’s associations include youth, health, hope, and love.


Birthstone for month of April - Quartz / Diamond

Meaning - Strength

Color - Clear

Quartz and diamond symbolize commitment and longevity in relationships.  They are thought to provide the wearer with better relationships, balance, clarity and an increase of inner strength.


Birthstone for month of May - Emerald

Meaning - Hope

Color - Dark Green

Emerald, has a rich body of symbolism, including associations with fertility, health, and faithfulness. Today, it symbolizes hope, tranquility, peace and growth.


Birthstone for month of June - Alexandrite 

Meaning - Love

Color - Deep Purple

The gemstone has been thought to bring luck, good fortune and love. The stone is said to encourage the romantic prospects of the wearer.


Birthstone for month of July - Ruby

Meaning - Vitality

Color - Red

Ruby has many symbolic associations include love, passion, wealth, and peace. In ancient times, people wore it as protection against evil and harm.


Birthstone for month of August - Peridot

Meaning - Strength

Color - Green

Peridot symbolizes strength and protection. Peridot is believed to contain the ability to fight negative emotions and bring about prosperity and good health.


Birthstone for month of September - Sapphire 

Meaning - Truth

Color - Deep blue

Sapphire is a symbol of truth, sincerity, and constancy. It’s said to encourage truth, loyalty, wisdom and clear thinking, especially when worn by those born in September.


Birthstone for month of October - Tourmaline

Meaning - Healing

Color - Pink

Said to heal stress and encourage warmth, friendliness and inner confidence, tourmaline will energetically shift negative thoughts away and offer October born self live and inner compassion.

Birthstone for month of November - Topaz

Meaning - Joy

Color - Dark yellow

The November birthstone, topaz, symbolizes love and affection. It is believed to give the wearer increased strength and intellect.


Birthstone for month of December - Blue Topaz

Meaning - Friendship

Color - Blue

Those with a blue topaz personality are known for being friendly and easy to get along with in any situation.

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