How to Choose Jewellery that Suit Our Skin Tone?

How to Choose Jewellery that Suit Our Skin Tone?

When most of us order jewelry, we concentrate on our preferences. But does it really suit us? One of the biggest factors that affect how the jewelry looks on you is your skin tone because certain skin tones look better with certain metals and gemstones, identifying your skin tone can help you find the perfect jewelry to go with it. 

Here's how to choose the right jewellery that will suit you according to your skin tone.

How to determine skin tone?

First of all, you need to determine your skin tone. Just check on your vein and observe the color.

Your skin tone is not defined by your skin color (light, medium or dark). You can be light skinned and have a warm skin tone, vice versa.

Flattering Jewellery for Cool Skin Tone

Best Metal Color: Light Metals like silver, platinum and white gold

Flattering Jewellery for Warm Skin Tone

Best Metal Color: Gold, Rose Gold, Copper, and Brass Metal

Flattering Jewellery for Neutral Skin Tone
If you have neutral skin tone, you are one of the lucky few that suits any type of jewellery.




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