What Necklace to Wear for your Body Shape

What Necklace to Wear for your Body Shape

What Necklace to Wear for your Body Shape

Not just clothing, necklaces can help accentuate your features and balance out your body shape too. But first of all, you need to understand your body shape before you pick out the right type of clothing and accessories.

Pear-shaped body:

This is for bodies that are smaller on the top than it is at the bottom, go for necklaces that will make your shoulders broad. 

Athletic body:

Individuals with athletic body shape can typically put on any necklace, even though longer necklaces can elongate the body even more.

Inverted triangle body shape:

If you have broader shoulders then longer necklaces are perfect as they will bring the eye downwards to the waist, hence highlighting the smallest part of the body.

Hourglass body shape:

For an hourglass shape, the best necklace length is that which sits on your décolletage thus helping to accentuate the curves.

Oval body shape: 

In general oval body shape do not impact much from necklace type and length, but it is a plus points to have a piece top down. 
Hope you enjoy our jewellery guide and pick up new tips on choosing the right necklace for you!
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