How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Neckline?

Has it crossed your mind some necklaces do not go well with some clothes, while they look exquisite with some others?

Have you ever bought a gorgeous necklace, and then never wore it because it always looked odd with the clothes you have? Maybe there is some logic to all this after all.

Yes, just like earrings, there are some guidelines to follow. It is the neckline that plays the magic. This guideline clearly explains which necklace should be worn with which neckline.

Long Necklace / Layered Necklace

If you’re wearing a dress or top with a simple, rounded neckline, a long or chunky necklace would be an elegant addition. Not only that, a long or layered necklace could also help you look slimmer.


The best way to wear a long, dangling necklace is with a turtle neck, boat neck or other high-necked top.

Statement Choker or Collar

Your neck looks empty when you're wearing strapless or off-shoulder dress or top. So you could wear a single eye-catching piece such as statement choker or collar to draw attention. But remember, less is more, right balance is necessary so that your look is neither overwhelming nor “too much”. 

Dangly Earrings / Barcelets

Not all types of neckline require necklace to pair with.  You could wear a pair of eye-catching earrings with a chunky cuff bracelet, but skip the necklace. This combination works best with neckline that are illusion, assymetric, halter and Queen Anne. The key is to wear one piece of bold jewelry with other pieces that are less dramatic. So, if you're wearing a pair of dangly earrings, avoid a necklace so that the earrings are the focus.

Bracelet also can add as much impression as any other jewelry. If you're wearing one-shoulder top or dress, then wear a bolf cuff or bangles on the opposite wirst. Stacking some fun bracelets is the perfect complement to unsual or detailed neckline.

Here's a guideline on how to choose earrings according to your face shape:


Short/Pendant Necklace

If you're wearing a V-neck, square or scoop neck top, the ideal necklace length is it lies on your decolletage, not on your clothes. A choker or short pendant would be the perfect complement to a dramatic neckline. If you're wearing a jewel-neck, try to avoid a necklace length that could drape into your cleavage.

Before choosing your neckline of your preference you need to know which neckline style will suit your build. As always, not everyone can wear every single neckline. So, it is not only down to what you want to highlight but also what you should highlight. Necklines are great features for adding personality and creating impression, so really have fun with it !



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