How to Choose the Right Length of Necklace

How to Choose the Right Length of Necklace

How to Choose the Right Length of Necklace

Necklaces and pendant chains are available in a variety of different lengths, but not every length will look the same on each individual.

Each length of necklace has its own uniqueness.  How do you know which length to pick? More importantly, how do you know which necklace length pair the best with your outfit? If you're stressed about finding the right necklace length for you, never fear! We're here to help with some handy tips!


1. Choker (< 33cm, 12-14 inches)

Tightly around the neck. Chokers can be made of a variety of materials, including velvet, leather, beads or metal such as silver, gold or platinum, etc. Choker necklaces lie very close to the neck. Before buying these pieces, it's best to measure your neck to make sure you'll have a comfortable fit. The necklace should be at least two inches longer than your neck circumference.

  • Wear a choker necklace with an open neckline or a strapless dress.
  • This length looks great on petite women.


2. Collar Necklace ( 33~40cm, 14~16 inches)

They rest loosely at the base of your neck. On most people, they hit above the collarbone, but they aren't quite as snug as choker.

  • A collar is a beautiful style to wear with an open blouse, since it will peek out from beneath your collar.
  • This length also looks gorgeous with other tops that have open necklines, such as V-necks, scoop necks, strapless styles.
  • Like a choker, the collar draws attention to the neck. If you consider you neck one of your best features, give this style a try.                    


3. Princess Necklace ( 42~46cm, 16~18 inches)

Princess necklaces are universally flattering. Typically, these chains and strands rest on the collarbone, offering a feminine look for any height or body type. Many pendants come with 18-inch chains, since this is the optimal length to show off a special trinket.

  • This length looks fantastic with any low, open neckline or strapless top.
  • You can also wear an 18-inch necklace over a turtleneck or other high neck.


    4. Matinee Necklace ( 48~65cm, 20~25 inches)

    Depending on your height and the exact length of the necklace, they will hit at the bust or slightly below it.

    • Because they rest on top of the bust or hang just beneath, this can be a somewhat awkward length to wear. In most cases, you can't wear a matinee necklace with an open neckline or strapless top, since it will interfere with the neckline of your clothing.
    • These styles look best over closed button-down shirts, turtlenecks, and other simple clothing options.
    • Because they are a mid-length choice, they flatter most body types.                  

    5. Opera Necklace ( 65~90cm, 26~36 inches)

    An opera-length necklace typically falls below the bust and above the waist.

    • Worn over tops and dresses, this style is useful for emphasizing a tall frame.
    • This is a great length for many plus-size women, and it draws the eye to your bustline. 


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