How to Figure Out Your Face Shape?

We know face shape is important in determining our hairstyle, sunglasses design, clothing styles etc. But how can we figure out our face shape?

Here's a simple 4-steps guide to finding your face shape.


Here's some celebrity examples for you to get to know more about face shape.

1. Oval Shape

2. Round Shape

3. Square Shape 

4. Pear Shape

5. Heart Shape

6. Diamond

7. Inverted Triangle

8. Oblong Shape



Hopefully, by following the steps and referencing these celebrity examples, you're a lot closer to figuring out your face shape. Many of us are combinations of two different face shapes, but can go with the shape that is most dominant.

Whether you're a square, heart or pear, remember that ALL face shapes are beautiful. This knowledge should just help you feel a little bit more confident in choosing your best haircut, bang style and makeup. 

Tips: Be the real you always starts by understanding yourself

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