How to Handle Sexual Harassments in Workplace

How to Handle Sexual Harassments in Workplace

Am I being Sexual Harassed in Workplace? 

Sexual harassment, especially when it's happening to you or around you, isn't always so clear-cut and obvious. To help you, below some criteria which you can identify with: 

- Are you experiencing behavior of a sexual nature that makes you uncomfortable

- You're unable to make it stop

- You feel pressured to go along with it

- You don't feel comfortable making a complaint


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How to Handle Sexual Harassments

  •  Be mentally prepared
      • It's not your fault
        • (They have no right to continue such action.) 
      • Say "NO" clearly and firmly
        • (If its not right, tell them in their face. Don't ignore, it will not go away.)
      • Be reasonable about how others will react
        • (You are most of the time on your own, do count on your friend or colleague to help.)
      • You are doing great
        • (As long as you do not give up, you will make progress.)

    Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels


      • Take appropriate actions
          • Find a way to speak out
            • (Tell your story to your BFF, sister, or mother, the mental support will be helpful) 
          • Documents as much details as possible
            • (Evident, lots and lots of evident to prove your case)
          • Record your job performance and avoid violate the law
            • (In workplace it's never to careful, to avoid unnecessary faulty claim of your lack in performance) 
          • Report to proper channel
            • (You should report to HR / Trade Union)
          • Complain to social group
            • (All else fail you can also complain to child and women NGO)


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