How to Pair with Flower Jewellery?

How to Pair with Flower Jewellery?

Why Flower Jewellery

Jewelry trends change time to time, among those one style which is evergreen – florals! Jewellery featuring flowers and nature-inspired designs can always be found, whatever the season. They makes us feel closer to nature and brings positive associations to any outfit.

However, it is tricky to wear than you might imagine. Making the wrong choice, and you could end up looking twee, or even old-fashioned.  To make this even challenging, though it can appear girly, delicate or quaint, but that look doesn’t suit everyone.

Luckily, here we bring you some handy tips for you to pair, no matter the occasion: 

Choosing the Right Flower Design

The shape, style, and colour of your flower design largely depend on personal taste preference. If you are a gipsy soul that seeks adventure and freedom, you may feel a connection with exotic designs like lotus flowers or plumeria. It is best paired with a solid metal jewellery, clear stones, and a hippie-inspired look. 

Flowers in colored stones can work for different style. Softer colors like amber or rose quartz are romantic to compliment a feminine look. Try an amber amulet necklace or a gold snake chain bracelet with a rose quartz bauble.

Bright colors like ruby and amethyst make a statement. If you don’t shy away from color then you can choose design that incorporates two or maximum three different stones. 

If patterns scare you then you can choose a design that is more abstract. You can consider a solid gold drop earring in an abstract flower shape. Abstract designs look best in solid metals with one colored or clear stone.

Mix Metal with Floral

When picking floral necklaces, earrings or bracelets, mixing metals can add a new and unusual twist to your jewelry. It can also make the piece more versatile, working perfectly with a wider range of outfits and for both formal and everyday occasions. Rose gold pairs beautifully with shiny sterling silver, while oxidized, blackened silver looks striking against traditional gold.

Photo by Streetwindy from Pexels


The Ideal Choice for Wedding

If your are pondering on a received wedding invitation, flower jewellery definitely the recommended choice for the night. Your flower earring or necklace will not just match perfectly with the wedding deco, but its vibrant look easily make you the spotlight amongst guest. Whether you opt for something dainty or a statement piece, you won’t be disappointed by the striking effect that you can create when you opt for a full blossoms.


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