How to Prepare for a Personalized Jewellery Gift

How to Prepare for a Personalized Jewellery Gift

Personalized Jewellery Makes a Great Gift

A midst of a pandemic, we might not able to always close to your friends and family, this make personalized jewellery a wonderful gift. More than often when we think about personalized jewellery we think about engraving. Engraving was the go to in the past when we would like to give personal touch to a jewellery gift, but for us in modern ages the choice is abundant. 

 Following is our top tips for a thoughtful personalized gift idea. 


Birthstone Jewellery

Birthstone jewellery is the perfect way to show you are thinking of someone, especially on their birthday. Natural gemstone is always  a great gift, but they usually cost a little more. But worry not, we have an alternative for you. 

Non-mineral grade birthstone, they looks stunning and are high quality alternative to natural gemstone. We have them ready in charms, which we can made into necklace, bracelet, or earring of your liking. 

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Charming Charm Jewellery

What is our sure shot for welcome gift - charm jewellery. Charm jewellery is versatile yet can be made very personal, giving a charm jewellery represent  a shared interest, or occasion. 

Besides that, charm bracelet or necklace also opens the opportunity  for future gifts, as you may able to gift them new charms during the next birthday or special occasion. 

We have our La Parure "build your own charm bracelet", which comes with various chain type and more than 50 charm selection you can play around. 

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Zodiac Jewellery

Zodiac jewellery is perfect for anyone who enjoys astrology or could do with a little celestial luck in their life. There are a few different types of zodiac jewellery, featuring each of the 12 star signs. A disc pendant featuring the zodiac is a popular choice, or you can also choose a zodiac charm.

We do carry any zodiac jewellery now, but we sure does looking forward to design our own collection in future. 


Engraving or Hand Stamped

As tradition as it sounds, engraving or hand stamped can further personalize your jewellery gift. Any flat surface sterling silver or plated jewellery can be engraved. 

You may browse around our store and be creative, which surface you may deem interest to engrave please contact our customer service, we are more than happy to share how we can realize it. 

Add a Personal Note

For even more inspiration, sending a personalized jewellery gift direct to someone you can't be with on a special day with a note, definitely will brighten her day.

You can rest assured that any jewellery gift you purchase from La Parure will be sent without a paper invoice. If you add a gift message or send it to a different address than the billing address we make sure it is done right. 

All sentimental gift are complimentary. 

Happy gifting!


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